Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my special place where I share my creations, memories and stories that all serve as a map of where I am from, where I have been and where I want to go. My creative spirit has been with me as long as I can remember.  As a child in school, I recall feeling true joy for the first time when my colored map came back to me with  a shiny gold star next to my name! This was my coloring page, this was my star, this was the beginning of my journey.  Another gold star in my life was my Mexican grandmother, Mama Nina. Mama Nina lived with us most of my youth. A devout Catholic, She left me vivid memories of bible stories, saints, La Virgin de Guadalupe, Jesus on the cross and the knowledge of her profound love of her faith. She taught me to pray, to read and write in Spanish, to love bible stories about the many saints and my favorite were the many figures, shrines, rosaries and things.  The Mexican culture is filled with rich folklore, faith, music, valuable traditions and loving family values.  All of these treasured memories are gifts that still fill me with love and excitement. I challenges myself to create visual interpretations of what I have learned, lived and what are important truths to me.  Parts of me that were molded by family, faith, culture and my love of creating with my hands and heart. I find great satisfaction in sharing my work and also sharing what I have learned along the way.  If I can’t share, it’s not as much fun.  I will be happy to share instruction, materials I use and answer any questions you have.  I hope you’ll stop in again.
Thank you, Brenda