DSC_0013DSC_0017DSC_0016This little altar is my first and one of my favorites.  I hand built this altar using slabs of stoneware clay then fired it in a gas kiln. Between the wall of the altar and the outer back is a space wide enough to hold three small candles or tea lights. I like the tea lights as they do not heat the altar. This space is accessed by removing the three doors on the back wall as seen in picture (3.)  The altar does not go to the ceiling so the light glows over the altar and through the mica covered window over the altar. The side walls each have two window with hanging milagros.   I cut out small round openings on the top and side walls to allow light to escape. The altar measures 6″ tall, 11″ wide and 6″ deep.

I used acrylic paints to achieve the shades and texture I needed. I used high temperature wire to hang the milagros.  The door latches are made of wood.

I often refer to this altar as, “My little altar”, because it is so dear to me. Relaxed alone and in a quiet room I light my little altar and go to my inner self. For me this is important and necessary, it is how I stay grounded and know who I am. This time brings clarity to my life, my work, and provides peace and purpose to my true self. This special time strengthens my inner voice that I need to keep me positive and aware of what is important.

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