Altar To Honor My Grandfather


In my back yard under a giant shade tree I brought together items that I felt spoke of my dear maternal grandfather.  He was a loving family man of faith, high morals and respected for his honesty and convictions. The cross represents his faith, the fruit represents his great ability to provide for his family, the stone pillars represent his strength, the flowers represent his tenderness and love of beauty.  The photograph reminds us of the handsome man we had the honor of calling, Papa Nino.

I knew my grandfather Alberto, not by his presence but by the loving words and treasured memories spoken by my dear mother, grandmother and all who had known him.  A loving husband, doting father and a pillar of his beloved, Chinipas. Chinipas is a small town nestled in the Sierra Madres of Chihuahua, Mexico.  After my mother passed, my father, several cousins and I had the pleasure of walking its cobblestone streets, hearing the bells of Santa Ines and strolling around the plazita that my mother and father strolled while courting.  Grandfather, known as, Papa Nino by his many grandchildren, raised ten children, established a large store, always helped the poor.  Sixty-five years after his death I still think of him with love and honor the great humanity he gave to those in need. Papa Nino treated the rich and poor with equal respect, he taught his children to do the same.  My mother often repeated his words, “Just because some one has a few more beans to eat does not make them better”.  At this altar we pray that Papa Nino is in a wonderful place with my Mama Nina, my dear mother and all his loved ones.  We thank God for the many treasured memories, his loving deeds and his love of family.

I built this altar anticipating the visit of several cousins from Sonora Mexico.  This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for them and it presented a time to gather and talk about Papa Nino and all we knew of him.  I started with my favorite story. I was three when he passed but I was told many times of how Papa Nino would lift me on to the store counter and I would dance and sing for him.  The stories went on and on, it was delightful.  This great afternoon brought closeness to our already close family, it was also a great reflection of strength through commitment, values and love.  Those are the treasures our Papa Nino gave his family and it continues to this day.

Thank you for your visit.  If I can answer any questions or if you would like to leave a message, I invite you to do so, I would love to hear from you.  I hope you’ll stop by again.

Thank you,    Brenda


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