1. I built this altar in memory of my father and all the village hunters that were depended on to provide meat for their family.  At the age of ten, living in the Sierra Madre of Mexico, my father was handed a rifle a bullet and his mothers blessings.  The family prayed at thier alter for his safe return and a successful hunt.  They lit candles, set out baskets with beans and rice and antlers from previous animals.  I loved to hear my father tell us stories of his childhood filled with challenges, adventures and dreams.  I find much joy sharing these memories.DSC_0004

Miners Altar

DSC_0083 2
The dangers of mining were ever present for my great-grandparents as they endeavored to carve out a life in the Sierra Madres of Chihuahua, Mexico. Families built simple altars in their homes where they prayed for their safety and success. I hand built this sculpture of my great-grandfather holding an oil lamp to guide his steps. Clay allows me the freedom to express my personal truths that I hold dear. The freedom to tell my story as I see and feel it. This altar is dedicated to Charles Edwin, my great-grandfather, a man of vision, strength and extraordinary courage.

Remembering Mama Nina, my grandmother

DSC_0059I created this home altar to honor my Mama Nina. A sweet face with a kind smile and a heart filled with enough love for everyone, that was Mama Nina, my grandmother.  She always had her rosary and a prayer book in her hands praying for all of us and praising God.  Mama Nina taught me to pray, to have faith and to love our God.    Mama Nina has long passed but her memory and her words live in my heart.